Pack like a Pro

Robin Carpenter knows a thing or two about packing for a race.  We asked him to give us some insights on what goes in his bag before heading to the start line.

When I’m packing my bag to leave for a race, I am always trying to figure out what NEEDS to come with me.  I try to consider what I will need for every possible weather eventuality but I also remember that my space is limited (thanks airlines!) and I don’t like hauling things around that I won’t touch again until I unpack my bag when I get home. Even in the summer I still pack all of my cold weather and rain proof clothing.  Every bit of the Hincapie Element line gets neatly folded and shoved to the bottom of the bag. I also pack at least one of every type of hincapie jersey, depending on how long the trip will be; an Arrow Speed Jersey, a Max Short Sleeve, a Velocity Plus, and of course a Sleeveless Max to wear when I’m hating my tan lines! At the end I always need to remember to bring something a little sharper, because you can’t be wearing a sponsor shirt at the race after party. Lastly, I always leave space for a couple extra jerseys, you never know what you might pick up on the road; I like to keep a collection of my podium jerseys.