Our Sport of Bicycling is Growing

I’m very pleased to announce that our sport is growing. That’s right, bicycling is on the rise. No, I’m not citing some fancy survey that was published in a respected trade publication. I’m just telling you what I see. Call it personal experience. Call it an opinion if you want, but it’s based on my personal observations over the last 12 months. Our sport is definitely on the rise. What am I basing this proclamation on? Let me give you a couple solid examples before someone shouts, “you know what they say about opinions…”

1. This weekend the Greenville Spring Training Series saw over 60 juniors in the road race on Sunday at SCTAC. 60 riders under 18 years old! That’s the most juniors we’ve ever seen at a Spring Series event.

There were also over 60 juniors at the BMW Performance Center Circuit Race on Feb 20!


2. The Tundra Time Trial in Atlanta hosted more than 400 riders at the first race of their season, and over 60 of them were Cat 4 women (the entry level category for women)!

Mystique Cycling Women warming up for their first race of the season.



3. Think it’s just bicycle racing? Think again. There are more cookie rides, benefits and charity events in the name of cycling this year than ever before. Just check your local schedule for JDRF, P3, Wheels for Meals, Ride with Ronald, Miracle Hill, Team in Training, MS, Alzheimer’s, Livestrong, ADA, Bike and Build, Wounded Warrior, etc, etc.


4. There are training rides to get ready for training rides to help people get ready for their focus events. Whether you’re assaulting Mt. Mitchell or trying to complete the Wheels for Meals metric century, there is a training group ready and willing to help you succeed.


5. I personally have had more people ask me to help them get into the sport or get better at the sport…or find someone that they can pay to coach them to victory…in the last 12 months than in all my 25 years of experience riding and racing bicycles.


Make no mistake about it, our sport is growing.  More and more people are experiencing and discovering the joys and benefits of riding a bicycle.  We should do everything we can to encourage and assist those that are interested in sharing our passion. This is a great time to be riding a bike.