Let’s Customize!

Stand Out in the Pack

You’ve been riding with the same buddies for years. You’ve seen each other through miles and miles of unforgettable views, unforgiving weather, and unbelievable rides.

It’s time to make it official.

Ordering your team’s custom kit from Hincapie is easy. No matter if you know exactly what you want or if you don’t know where to begin, we’ll get your team the kit that you’ve always imagined.

“We like red. And blue. And maybe yellow. But not all three…”

Your club knows they want a kit. But that’s all they know. And that’s okay.

Our team of in-house designers is experienced in creating custom cycling clothing for all types of teams and events. So if you can imagine it, they can create it.

And if you can’t even imagine it, your Hincapie Sportswear representative will work with you, talking you through different color options and design preferences. Once you’ve arrived at a concept, we’ll send you an art proof to verify it’s what you like. At the end of the process, you’ll be amazed at our mind-reading abilities.

“We call ourselves the Granny Gears. And we have a logo … sort of. See, we sketched this thing out on this napkin the other night…”

You’re not completely clueless. But you’re also not a designer. You’re in that in-between-hazy-area where you have somewhat of an idea of what you want, but it’s not totally fleshed out. Totally fine.

Give your Hincapie Sportswear representative anything and everything that you have—from color preferences to sponsor logos to rough sketches of what you’re imagining. We’ll take it from there, then presenting you a more polished version of everything that was in your head … and on your napkin.

“Do you prefer EPS or InDesign files? Do you work in CS4? We prefer PMS 128, or whatever you can do closest to that.”

You take the bull by the horns, which means that by the time you’ve called us, you already have your design set. Great! Check out our art guidelines and templates to be sure you’ve created appropriate artwork for all clothing pieces.

We’ll stay in touch with you along the way, providing you with art proofs and color swatches to make sure your finished design is exactly as you intended.

Bring your own design

Bring your own design

Designer Tyler Honey of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania writes about his experience working with Hincapie to create a custom jersey for the Millersburg Velo Club.

The Millersburg Velo Club was a relatively new team, so our main objective was to create a jersey that would be easily distinguishable in the pack but also suitable for casual rides. Our local peloton’s color scheme is mainly black, blue, and green, so we selected red and black for the Velo Club’s jersey. We also chose the color red because it stands out on the back roads of Millersburg (and because there’s something about red that says “badass”).

The jersey features our logo, which is a representation of the area’s surrounding mountains and gaps in the distance. In the design, I also chose to break up some of the solid red with a tight stripe pattern to add a touch of contrast and depth to the design.

Working with Hincapie was a breeze. The customer service was amazing; our rep made to sure that the end product was exactly what I intended with the design, down to having red swatches of fabric printed and mailed to me from their factory in Colombia. And when we got the kits, we were amazed at the quality of the material—it stands on its own and has caused my other kits to collect dust.

We couldn’t be happier with the end result.