The 2015 Spring Series Road Courses

Most local racers know the Greenville Spring Training Series road race courses like the backs of their hands. The SCTAC course is the location of Greenville’s Tuesday Night World Championship, so some old timers have probably ridden the 7.2 mile loop close to a thousand times. However, there are always racers new to the series who want to do their homework beforehand. Nobody wants to show up to race and be surprised by a two mile 10% grade climb five miles into it. (We promise there isn’t one of those in any of our races.) To help first timers out, we’ve compiled Strava segments for each of the road race courses featured in this year’s series. So, take a few minutes to review the climbs and turns and pick the strategic spot to make your attack.

Celebrating Le Tour / Belgium, Beer & Bikes

Wednesday, July 9 marks the 5th Stage of this year’s Tour de France. It begins in Ypres, Belgium, and traverses the infamous “Pave du Nord” cobbles before crossing into the territory of Paris-Roubaix. The cobbles—and this stage specifically—has always been a favorite of George Hincapie’s during his cycling career. We will celebrate the route with Belgian beer, a big-screen viewing, and a ride with Big George at Hotel Domestique in Travelers Rest, SC.

Ride with George (Free!)

Tour Party
Stage 5 Ypres / Arenberg Porte du Hainaut
/ $20 in advance (by phone only - 864-516-1254)
/ $25 at door
/ Food Included
/ Cash Bar featuring Belgian Lambic and Sour beers
/ Book signing with George - Books will be available for purchase
/ Tour Stage on Big Screen

Join us for this epic celebration on July 9th at Hotel Domestique.

Hotel Domestique
10 Road of Vines
Travelers Rest, SC 29666
(864) 516-1254

Visit the event page on Facebook for more details and up-to-date info.

Bike Month Lunch Ride

Customer Appreciation Night at Liberty Bicycles

Liberty Bicycles in Asheville, NC sure do know how to take care of their customers. Last night they held a customer appreciate party for their cycling community. They did it right with tasty food, local beer and product giveaways. We had a blast.

Edge eVent Jacket Put To The Test

Hincapie Sportswear's Chief Product Tester revels in finding extreme conditions for our apparel. While few of us will endure what George demanded of clothing at Northern Europe's Spring Classics, we mortals still want top performing cycling apparel when conditions take a turn for the worse.

Chief Product Tester George Hincapie at work

Last weekend's Gold Country Fondo was such as circumstance. Dry and mild at the start, it soon began to rain and the temperature dropped, making for a long day in the saddle. Hincapie Ambassador Kevin Metcalfe was on hand and had the opportunity to put our Edge eVent Jacket to his own test. Here's what he had to say:

I've had a number of different cycling rain jackets over the course of my 30 years of cycling. Everything from nylon wind shells to clear plastic rain capes to several different versions of the breathable rain proof jacket. The most recent of them is my new Hincapie Edge eVent Jacket.

Two of our best rain garments: Elemental on left, Edge on right

Plastic rain capes were good at keeping the rain off, at least until they broke and cracked from age. Of course since they didn't breathe at all, you got almost as wet on the inside from the build-up of your sweat. GoreTex jackets were a big improvement being breathable, durable and waterproof. But they still eventually leaked water. My new Hincapie jacket has performed amazingly well. Here in California we've had a pretty mild winter and I've only needed to use it twice. The second time was last Saturday at the Gold Country Gran Fondo where the last four hours of our ride was in the rain, riding in a pace line getting sprayed by the riders in front of me and even the occasional splash from a passing car driving through a puddle.

Kevin Metcalfe and George Hincapie give the Edge eVent a thorough rain test

When I got back to my car at the end of the Gran Fondo and took my Hincapie jacket off, the inside was DRY. After a quick shake all the water beaded up on the outside was gone and it was practically ready to pack away for next time. By the end I was one of the few guys who was still comfortably warm. Many of the other guys were in various stages of hypothermia.

This jacket is my new favorite piece of kit. I am quite happy to leave it in my closet and enjoy the nice California weather, but when it's nasty out this is the first piece of clothing that goes into my ride bag. I love this jacket.

Follow Kevin on Strava and Twitter.

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